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Pre-Printed Labelling Service

The entire range of Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Safety labels manufactured by DOTgroup International can be supplied pre-printed and delivered direct to project sites anywhere in the world.

Simply send the information to be pre-printed electronically in an Excel spreadsheet to our email address in the format below, detailing the information to be printed on each line of each label, the quantities required and the type and colour of the labels to be pre-printed.

Dependant on quantities required, our in-house production facility should normally be able to produce and despatch the pre-printed labels within 24 - 48 hours from receipt of Purchase Order. 

Information can be typed and pre-printed from drawings by arrangement.
Type of label to be pre-printed:
Colour of label to be pre-printed:
Label No. Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Copies

DOTgroup International is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and supplier of Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Safety Labelling and Identification Solutions in the following industries: • Oil & Gas • Power • Ship Building • Petrochemical • Renewable Energy • Building Services

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