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DOT 2D Coded Pipe Markers & Plates

DOT 2D Coded Pre-Coiled Pipe Markers

DOT 2D Coded Pre-Colied Pipe Markers The DOT 2D Coded Pre-Coiled Pipe Markers are pre-coiled, self-securing wrap-around PVDF over-laminated polyester-based pipe markers manufactured for petrochemical applications in harsh environments.

UV inks printed graphics on 125 microns high performance matt white polyester, over-laminated with 30 microns clear PVDF that protects against damaging UV rays & moisture, resists extreme temperature and chemical exposure for maximum marker protection.
DOT 2D Coded Pre-Colied Pipe Markers
  • Pre-coiled for ease of installation
  • Excellent resistance to chemical and UV exposure
  • Extended service temperature range -50°C to +120°C, up to 150°C intermittent exposure tolerance
  • Ultra-long life with polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) protective film
  • Polyester material using at least 25% of resin made from recycled PET-bottles
  • Self-securing adhesive strip pre-installed

DOT 2D Coded U-Shaped Pipe Marker Plates

DOT 2D Coded u-shaped pipe marker plates The DOT 2D Coded U-Shaped Pipe Marker Plates are manufactured using solvent inks printed graphics on specially coated 80 microns white PVC substrate, over-laminated with 100 microns thick clear PVC coated film for protection against chemical exposure, UV and outdoor conditions. Permanently bonded to a 2.5mm thick U-shaped extruded ASA carrier for improved weatherability, colour fastness and dimensional stability. ASA is structurally very similar to ABS but with up to ten times the weathering and UV resistance of ABS, higher long-term heat resistance and better chemical resistance.

  • U-Shaped pipe markers for Oil & Gas, Marine and Petrochemical environments
  • Extended service temperature range -50°C to 125°C
  • Good resistance to chemical exposure
  • Excellent weatherability and UV resistance
  • Built-in strap / cable tie holes for ease of installation

DOT Heavy-Duty Pipeline Identification Tape

The DOT Heavy-Duty Pipeline Identification Tape is manufactured to endure arduous conditions and has a temperature performance capable of sustained exposure in diverse climatic variations around the world.

Our product is factory made to order and can be supplied in various formats. The format takes into account two very important factors, safety, and installation.
  • Continuous arrows
  • British Standard or RAL colours
  • Reverse wording - read from any direction
  • Dual languages - printed on the same tape
  • Continuous arrows, wording and colours all on one roll
  • Simply peel off backing sheet and install, saving time and money

Benefits of DOT Heavy-Duty Pipeline Identification Tape

DOT Pipeline identification tapes Low Chloride Level’s - does not affect stainless steel, causes no corrosion and can be applied directly onto pipe work, resulting in no build-up of salt or dirt and less maintenance

Backing Sheet - enables quick installation when applying to narrow pipe work, saving time and money

Temperature Performance - minus 40°C to +150°C (minus 40°F to +300°F)

Dual Language - can be supplied in any language or a mixture of two languages

Water, Chemical and Humidity Resistant - not affected by Oil, Petroleum, Detergent / Water, Sulphuric Acid, Bleach / Water, Washer Solution and Ethylene Glycol / Water

High Strength Acrylic Adhesive - provides high adhesion to metals, plastics and painted surfaces with excellent long-term ageing. Resists flagging and edge-lifting on flat or curved smooth surfaces.

DOT General Purpose Tape

Please contact us for further information on the range of general purpose tape available.

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