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Smart Labelling and Identification Solutions


  • First established in the United Kingdom 2001
  • We are one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of Labelling, Identification Solutions and Ancillary Products.
  • We have operational offices complete with production and warehousing facilities in the UK, USA and Australia in addition to authorised agents in Singapore, Spain and the Middle East.
  • Through our years of growth we have consistently instituted development and innovation to our company and products, resulting in added value to major projects.
Cable Label Example

We service a broad range of industry sectors, including but not limited to:
Oil & Gas – Renewable Energy – Power – Mining – Construction – Petrochemical – Infrastructure (Tunnels)

We have supplied products and solutions to all four corners of the world, from Siberia to Saudi Arabia to The Falklands. A sample of valued projects we have had involvement with include:
Khazzan – Cameron LNG – Ichthys (Inpex) – Wheatstone/Gorgon – CCLNG – TCO – Gladstone – Sadara - RHIP – Heathrow – West Nile Delta – Sakhalin – Peru LNG – Total Port Arthur – West Burton Nuclear

ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 – EIC – FPAL Registered – RISQS – Chamber of Commerce

Our Products

We have strived to continuously develop an identification solution for Industry based around labels and associated ancillary items to meet a diverse range of specific requirements.
Our products are manufactured to the highest available quality and safety standards in the world.
  • Flexible Cable Markers & Heat Shrink Tubing. LSOH and LUL (London Underground approved) with a 25 year life span.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Markers. Smooth edges a key feature to safe manual handling.
  • Laser Engraved Permanent Labels . UV Resistant, Fire Rated flexible laminate and Stainless Steel.
It isn’t just labels and markers… we also provide the following Services and Products:
  • On site printing systems – DOT-FCM/DOT shrink, DOT card, DOT-LEM40 laser engraver.
  • Cable Ties – Nylon and Stainless Steel.
  • Stainless Steel Cable Straps and Cushion Sleeves – As an alternative to utilising cable cleats.
  • Process Pipework Labelling – Integrated with readable codes.
  • Underground Cable Protection Covers and Warning Tape.
  • Concrete Cable Protection Covers, Posts and Marker Blocks.
  • Safety Signage
2D Cable Marker Examples

Labelling Production Tailored for your Needs

DOTgroup International Production Centres
  • Facilities in UK, USA, Australia and Singapore
Printers and Consumables supplied to worldwide sites
  • Specified by Petrofac, Fluor, KBR, Bechtel, Rio Tinto, BP, Chevron, WestConnex, Inpex
  • Preferred by Zachry, MMR, Tekfen, CCC and others
  • Facilities in yards include – Keppel, COSCO, Flour COOEC, McDermott
Hybrid mix and bespoke solutions
  • Bulk production by DOTgroup International , supported with “top ups” on site

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike our competitors, we do not just put boxes on wholesaler’s shelves and hope for the best!

  • We have extensive experience in managing multi-touchpoint complex projects. We visit the site and accordingly communicate with the Owners, EPCs and Sub-contractors for optimal outcomes.
  • Our global footprint enables us to effectively cover and support multiple projects worldwide at all stages and at every level.
  • Should production be preferred to be carried out ‘on site’ utilising our DOT group machines. We will implement all setup and training on site. Our documented training program ensures that the operators acquire the skills to optimise the systems and machines output whilst maintaining reliability.
  • Our commitment is to add value by working cooperatively to fully understand the desired outcome you wish to achieve, and to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.
  • Technical assistance and advice is available from early specification stage, during construction and through to the operational phase.

The Importance of Labelling and Identification

Often overlooked, though vitally important!
  • There is a requirement for a label on every piece of equipment.
When are the labels bought, who buys them and why?
  • At the end
  • By sub-contractors
  • Traditionally badly managed
  • They are relatively low value
There are benefits to be gained by early intervention, an alternative process and workflow.
Pipe Label Example

Linking Your Asset to Your Data

DOTgroup International have been leading the market in delivering coded readable labels on mega-projects worldwide:
  • We will create the Labelling Specifications – see sample below.
  • We work with your IT team to integrate your data into the identification process to save you time and money and improve data knowledge and compliance.
  • Our DOTlabel software will automatically add a 2D barcode which can be simply read either through a phone, a tablet, or with a reader in hazardous areas.
  • We link your asset to your data.
  • We are the only company offering this solution on industrial labels to owners and EPCs and we have a track record of successful delivery.
  • Having a readable 2D Barcode adds NO COST to the base labels
2D Label Example

Digitalization of the Process

Once the asset and the data are linked, what will you do with it?

As an additional option we can offer a full digitalization package, including the capability of:
  • API to draw your data from the ‘source of truth’
  • A fully configurable platform to manage inspections or commissioning
  • Customizable templates can be created for specific tasks
  • Templates linked to a GPS enabled reader to carry out the inspections/commissioning
  • Data fed back to the platform and then into the original source
  • Fully permission based with alerts
  • Equipped with a change log to show who did what and when
  • Pre-defined related drop-down questions/answers – to drive conformity of data capture
  • Ability to upload photos of faults – and annotate these
  • Fully removes manual input onto paper
The benefits are extensive and impact every part of the project lifecycle.
2D Label Example


  • Consistent formatted data capture.
  • Immediate alerts of faults and granular details about those faults.
  • Manual data capture vs instant digital – 3 hours wasted per day inputting data.
  • Assets can be labelled before arriving at site or at receipt point to simplify identification.
  • Knowing what is where – and when. Ability to alter construction schedules. Accurate confirmation of quantities produced/delivered. Less need for contingency.
  • Kitting – The supply of label packs for each area or equipment type, together with required installation accessories (cable ties for cable tags) saves time & money on site.
  • Identify assets and locations accurately and quickly. You can confirm exactly when an item has been checked.
  • Faulty Equipment can be identified quickly – saving time and money.
  • Drive compliance by removing excuses. Clearly record and report that assets have been checked at the correct time. You know who has checked what and when. A physical label is in the line of sight – compared to a RFID.

Benefits Example

On the Ichthys (Inpex) project, there was a $37bn spend and it has been estimated to us that having DOTgroup 2D coded labels implemented from the beginning will save an estimated 2% to 4% of the whole project cost

Inspection Savings

Based on a typical project with 40,000 assets (electrical equipment), an operational lifetime of 20 years and a team of 5 engineers carrying out detailed and visual inspections at a rate of £50/hour

Each engineer will inspect 10 assets a day on average – 5 engineers = 50 assets a day
40,000 assets/50 = 800 days total work

Each engineer wastes 3 hours per day inputting the inspection data manually
800 days x 3 hours x 5 engineers = 12,000 hours

12,000 hours x £50 = £600,000

Initial build + 20 years lifetime = 21 inspections

21 x £600,000

Savings created by having a readable code = £12,600,000 ($24M AUD)

…And the labels are still the same cost!

Project Delivery

DOTgroup International will work with you to scope, plan and deliver a full implementation program.

  • Specify product range
  • Agree Commercials
  • Define production plans
  • Off-site/On-site
  • Training
  • Contingency and back-up
  • Define purchase process
  • Define material requirement timings
  • Define reporting structure
  • Post-construction/Operations local support
  • If the full digitalization solution is required, we will fully scope out the client’s requirements and evaluate existing systems. Functionality will be tested with a pilot before implementation.

How do we make sure it works?

All we need is ...a commitment from you

In Summary
  • We have done it before and have a proven track record
  • It’s cost effective and works
  • The benefits are obvious
By working collaboratively we implement a robust process together which we know works and it will happen!
Pipe Marking Examples
Heavy Industry

DOTgroup International is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and supplier of Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Safety Labelling and Identification Solutions in the following industries: • Oil & Gas • Power • Ship Building • Petrochemical • Renewable Energy • Building Services

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