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DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing

The DOTshrink range of Heatshrink Tubing offer clients a convenient and cost-effective way of identifying cores and cables permanently, even in tough industrial environments.

Manufactured from flame retarded military grade Polyolefin, DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing meets the requirements of a wide range of industrial and high technical standards and are also very versatile through excellent balance of chemical, electrical and mechanical properties.

The operating temperature range of DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing is –55˚C to +135˚C, they are unaffected by water and offer excellent resistance to commonly encountered industrial chemicals.
DOTshrink heatshrink tubing printer
DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing is supplied on continuous spools of up to 30 metres and printed via our DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System thermal transfer printer. The pre-formatted, user-friendly DOTlabel Software allows information to be imported direct from Word and Excel, as well as having an
automatic sequencing feature.
DOTshrink Heatshrink tubing reels
The advantage of producing DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing on a continuous spool is twofold. Firstly, it allows clients to change the length of each individual marker sleeve without changing the spool each time by simply selecting another template in DOTlabel Software, and more importantly, it’s more cost effective.
DOTshrink heatshrink tubing example

Technical Data

Temperature Range: -55°C to +135°C (225°C for shorter periods)
Optimum shrink temperature: 115°C
Self extinguishing (except transparent)
Excellent colour fastness  
Available in 11 colours (white as standard)
DOTshrink heatshrink tubing reels 2
Core identification DOTshrink examples

Table of Standard Sizes and Packaging

Part No Inside Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Spool Size
Expanded Recovered Recovered (nom) (meters)
DOTshrink2.4 2.4 1.2 0.51 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink3.2 3.2 1.6 0.51 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink4.8 4.8 1.6 0.51 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink6.4 6.4 3.2 0.64 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink9.5 9.5 4.8 0.64 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink12.7 12.7 6.4 0.64 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink19.1 19.1 9.5 0.76 +/-0.07 30m
DOTshrink25.4 25.4 12.7 0.89 +/-0.07 30m
Approvals & Standards Property Value
BS3G198 Type 11A & 11B Temperature Range -55°C to 135°C
Def. Stan. 59-97/3 Type 1a & 2b Temp. max short period 225°C
SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/5 (MIL-I-23053/5) Colour Fastness Standard 6 minimum
UL224VW-I Flammability Flammability Self extinguishing
  Tensile Strength 10.0 MPa minimum
  Elongation at Break 250% minimum
  Chemical Resistance G198 / D.S. 59-97. Good
  Resistance to Mould Growth BS201 1pt. 2. IJ
  Proof Voltage 14kV per 1mm wall thickness
  Max Longitudinal Change +0%, -5%

Coloured and Adhesive Lined Heatshrink Tubing

DOTgroup International can also supply a range of coloured B11 Heatshrink Tubing and
Adhesive Lined B11 Tubing, which can be supplied on spools or cut to length.

The standard colours available are black, red, yellow, green, blue and white and are
available in sizes from 1.2mm to 101.6mm. Please contact us if you require more
information or a quotation.
DOTshrink heatshrink tubing example

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