DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Printer
DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Printer

The DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Printer is a reliable, easy to use thermal transfer printer,
which offers users high speed, high performance printing at a low cost. It provides accurate
printing of our DOT-FCM range of Flexible Cable Markers, DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing and
DOTwrap4x2 wraparound self-adhesive labels whenever it is required with the minimum of
operator training and maintenance. Please contact us for full technical specifications.

Key features & specifications include:
• Print speeds of up to 125mm per second
• Prints DOT-FCM Flexible Cable Markers, DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing &
DOTwrap4x2 wraparound self-adhesive labels
• Adjustable label guides which keep all widths of continuous media centrally aligned (4-105mm)
• Large, easy to use navigation pad and LCD screen to front of printer
• Solid dye-cast aluminium chassis with easy folding cover
• All popular font types, character sets, graphics and linear barcodes supported
• Power – 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, PFC. Consumption 300W max.
• Serial RS232 C and high-speed USB ports fitted as standard
• Print – Thermal Transfer
• Printer size - H: 274mm x W: 242mm x D: 446mm
• Printer weight - 9 kg
• Resolution - 300 dpi
• Approvals - CE, FCC Class A, CB, CCC and UL

DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Perforator / Cutter
The DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Perforator / Cutter is specially designed for perforating or cutting the range of DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing. Cutter options include a choice of cut after each label, cut after a specific quantity of labels or cut at the end of a print job (batch cut) and the cutters have a durability of more than 500,000 cuts depending on the thickness of material.

Quick and easy to install – simply unscrew front panel using the on-board tool, plug lead into peripheral
connection, tighten screw to secure then you’re ready to go. Full details available on request.

Key features & specifications include:
• Excellent blade durability
• Optional cutter tray available
• Self-sharpening blades
• Low maintenance
• Performs circular cut
• Removable blades

DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Ribbon
The DOT-FCM / DOTshrink black thermal transfer ribbon prints the whole range of DOT-FCM Flexible Cable Markers and DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing. It offers superior resistance to solvents and abrasion and exceeds the levels of print permanence required in industrial environments around the world today.

Key features & specifications include:
• Superior scratch resistance
• Storage Conditions: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
• Superior resistance to solvents
• Industry Standards: SAE-AS81531 & MIL-STD-202F Method 215J
• High resolution printing
• Humidity: 10% to 85% relative humidity

DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System Printer & Laptop Package

The DOT-FCM / DOTshrink System can be supplied as a Printer and Laptop package. The Laptop comes
pre-loaded with the printer drivers and DOTlabel Software ready to ‘Plug and Go’. Please contact us for further information and a Quotation.
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