DOTwrap4x2 Wraparound Labels
DOTwrap4x2 Wraparound Self-Adhesive Labels

The features and benefits of our DOTwrap4x2 self-adhesive wraparound labels are as follows:

• Ideal for identifying cables already connected
• Quick and easy to install
• Print area protected by long transparent tail
• Large 49mm x 26mm print area - ideal for large text or multiple lines of text
• High strength adhesive for long term identification
• Labels supplied on continuous rolls – no more wasted labels
• Any size or colour can be made to order (MOQ will apply)
• Labels can be manufactured with company logo’s (MOQ will apply)
• Printed via same DOT-FCM / Shrink System Printer which prints both the full range of
DOT-FCM Flexible Cable Markers as well as all sizes of DOTshrink Heatshrink Tubing
• Printed via DOTlabel Software which has DOTwrap4x2 templates pre-installed
• Print over 2,600 DOTwrap4x2 self-adhesive wraparound labels per hour

DOTwrap4x2 Pre-Printed Wraparound Labelling Service

Our DOTwrap4x2 self-adhesive wraparound labels can be supplied and delivered direct to site pre-printed.
Simply send the information to be printed electronically (Word or Excel) to our in-house production facility and dependant on quantity required, delivery should take place within 24 - 48 hours. Information can be typed and printed from drawings by arrangement.

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DOTgroup International – manufacturer and supplier of Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical & Safety Labelling & Identification Systems, produce the following products:
Cable Marking – DOTcard Cable Markers, DOT-FCM Flexible Cable Markers, DOT-SSCM Stainless Steel Cable Markers, DOT Manual Cable Markers, DOTwrap4x2 Wraparound Labels.
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DOT-PHP Portable Heatshrink Printer, DOT-SFC Slim Fix Clip System Printer
Engraved Labels – DOT-SSCM Stainless Steel Cable Markers & DOT-SSDT Stainless Steel Dog Tags, DOTlaser Flexible Engraved Labels, DOT-REL Rigid Engraving Laminate Labels,
DOT Bespoke Engraved Labels & Signs
Cable Ties/Cable Straps – DOT-NCT Nylon Cable Ties, DOT-CNCT Coloured Nylon Cable Ties, DOT-SSCT Stainless Steel Cable Ties, DOT Stainless Steel Cable Straps, DOT Cable Strap Cushion Sleeve
Pipeline Identification – DOT Heavy Duty Pipeline Identification Tape
Underground Cable Protection Covers & Warning Tape – DOT-UCPC Underground Cable Protection Covers, DOT-UCPR Underground Cable Protection Rolls,
DOT-UWT Underground Warning Tape, DOT-UWDT Underground Wire Detectable Tape.
Civils – DOT-CCPC Concrete Cable Protection Covers, DOT Concrete Marker, Hydrant Indicator & Indicator Posts, DOT Concrete Marker Blocks, DOT Bespoke Concrete Products.
Fire, Safety, Hazardous Area & General Warning Signs, Pre-Printed Labelling Service

DOTgroup manufacture and supply Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical & Safety Labelling & Identification Systems to the following industries: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical,
Power / Renewable Energy, Mining, Building Services, Transportation, Ship Building and Pharmaceutical.

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